Mid Examination Schedule Master of Engineering in Natural Disaster Management Semester Gasal T.A. 2017/2018

Day Time Course Title Lecture Room
9 October 2017
08:00-10:30 Aplication of Hydrologic-Hydraulic Model on Flood Forecasting and Analysis Endita Prima Ari Pratiwi, ST., M.Eng., Ph.D.
Ir. Rachmad Jayadi, M.Eng., Ph.D. 
13:00-15:30 Aplication of Landslide Prediction Model Dr. Ir. Ahmad Rifa’i, MT.  105
10 October 2017
09:00-10:40 Field Training Ir. Adam Pamudji R., M.Sc., Ph.D.  105
11:00-12:40 Coastal Zone Disaster Management Prof. Ir. Nur Yuwono, Dip.HE., Ph.D.  105
11 October 2017
08:00-10:30 Applied Hydraulics and Hydrology Prof. Ir. Joko Sujono, M.Eng., Ph.D.  105
11:00-12:40 Volcanology Dr. Agung Harijoko, ST., M.Eng.  105
12 October 2017
08:00-10:30 Data Processing Techniques Dr. Ir. Istiarto, M.Eng.  105
11:00-12:40 Wave and Tsunami Prof. Ir. Nur Yuwono, Dip.HE., Ph.D.  105
13 October 2016
09:00-10:40 Landslide and Ground Movement Dr. Ir. Ahmad Rifa’i, MT.  105
13:00-14:40 Research Methodology Prof (ret). Dr. Ir. Sri Harto Br., Dip.H.  105