Field Training: Drought, Flood and Debris Flow Risk Reduction, and Natural Disaster Damage and Loss Assessments

Master of Engineering in Natural Disaster Management (MTPBA), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering conducted a field training as part of Drought, Flood, and Debris Flow Risk Reduction and Natural Disaster Damage and Loss Assessments courses, followed by MTPBA Students class of 2017, and accompanied by Dr. Istiarto in Yogyakarta, May 8, 2018. The field-training destination is Progo River estuary which is located near Trisik Beach, Kulon Progo, and downstream area of Opak River in Kretek district, Bantul.

The first location is at Trisik Beach. The participants learned about flood prevention system at downstream area of Progo River using floodgate, embankment, and jetty building. Dr. Istiarto explained the initial condition and processes of flood control in the area, and the recent condition.

At the second location, participants were invited to see water building, which serves to secure the Kretek Bridge in Bantul. In this location, Dr. Istiarto described the process of damage that occurred to the building and its rehabilitation process.