Field Training: Earthquake Disaster Risk Reduction

Master of Engineering in Natural Disaster Management (MTPBA) has held a field training of Earthquake Disaster Risk Reduction, on 5 May 2018, for 5 students of the programme.
The field training was conducted by:

  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Subagyo Pramumijoyo, DEA.DIP.HRD.
  2. Gayatri Indah Marliyani

Location of field training:

  1. Breksi cliff (Sleman, Yogyakarta) : observation of rock fall potential by shear or joint rupture
  2. Gantiwarno (Klaten): observation of Yogya 2006 earthquake impact and ancient sediment effect towards seismic wave amplification
  3. Bayat (Klaten): observation of ancient fault in the area
  4. Rawa Jombor (Klaten): observation of fine material sedimentation