Field Training: of Landslide Early Warning System in Magelang

Master of Engineering in Natural Disaster Management (MTPBA), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, conducts field training on May 7th, 2018 as part of Landslide Early Warning System Course. The field training was located in Magelang regency, that has been identified with potential ground movement.

Fieldtrip participants are students from MTPBA study program, 5 (five) students from earthquake disaster concentrations, and 6 (six) student from Infrastructure and Building Material Technology Management, with Prof T. Faisal Fathani.

The training started with coordination meeting at BPBD office of Magelang, together with representatives from BPBD, Assessment Team from BSN (National Standards Board), and training participants. After a short discussion, the participants went to the installation site of landslide mitigation tool in Salaman, Magelang District. In Salaman, there are 2 (two) installation points of landslide mitigation tool, i.e. at Dusun Kalisari Margoyoso and Dusun Palungan Sidosari.

 Prof. Faisal together with Mr. Ikhwan (from Gama Multi team) explained about the National Standard of Early Warning sub-system and instrument of landslide mitigation. In both locations, the fieldtrip participants were introduced to the disaster alert team for landslide that consisted of each sub-village society. The group is a selected mitigation team to communicate directly with the local government (BPBD) and assist other communities when instrument guidance from the early warning system provides hazard signals at some level.