Field Training: Wave and Tsunami

 The Field training on Wave and Tsunami visited several location, i.e.:

  1. Baru beach in the estuary of Progo river, which discussed about sedimentation around the estuary, and the function of Jetty around the estuary to keep the river estuary unmovable.
  2. Tsunami Evacuation Building on Kuwaru Beach. The evacuation building is built for temporary evacuation area of residents when there is Tsunami wave.
  3. The Kuwaru Beach, Samas Beach (Opak River Estuary) and Depok Beach, which discussed about the beach border. The coastal border area has changed due to changes in the coastline. The problem is the resident activity and settlements that reside on the beach border when it should be at 100-150 m from the beach.
  4. Parangtritis beach and its vicinity, where there are 3 locations, which has been visited to observe the shelter or evacuation routes along the Parangtritis beach, at the tomb of Syeh Maulana Mahribi, Bulak Mabul, and the tomb Sheh Bela Belu. The three locations were very effective for temporary evacuation when there is tsunami wave strikes the beach in Parangtritis. The locations are at 30-50 m above sea level.